Hyde Park

“It came to me that Hyde Park has never belonged to London - that it has always been , in spirit, a stretch of countryside; and that it links the Londons of all periods together most magically - by remaining forever unchanged at the heart of a ever-changing town.”

     - Dodie Smith

Having somewhere like Hyde Park in the centre of one of the busiest cities on the world is a truly special thing. Covering 350 acres and surrounded by countless buildings and roads, Hyde Park is a space that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of being in the capital and really embrace nature and all of it’s positive benefits. For me personally, being by water is where I am happiest and most peaceful and relaxed, which is something I’ve found extremely difficult living in a big city with no coast nearby. Being able to take my camera to somewhere like this which is only a short walk form where I live is a beautiful thing, made even better when I’m lucky with the weather and the sun decides to show it’s face.